What to Look for in a Self Storage Provider

Finding a self storage facility in Toronto and its surrounding regions requires you to look for a few key features. You need options that provide you with good security for your goods, access whenever you need them, and climate control to protect them during humid summers and cold winters. Those who are looking for Toronto or North York self storage should consider Yorkdale Self Storage, which offers all of these conveniences at very affordable prices.

Strong Security

As is the case with the best self storage facilities, Yorkdale Self Storage provides a range of security features that keep potential thieves and vandals at bay. This include a fully fenced in perimeter, so people who might consider trying to steal from a facility can’t even get close to your property. It also includes strategically placed security cameras that can catch any trespassers on film. These security cameras are prominently placed so people know they are being watched. Finally, individually alarmed units serve as a last line of defense against potential thieves. Somebody who manages to get into the facility but who doesn’t have the right key will trip the alarm, leading to fast action and safe items.

Around the Clock Access

Most people are likely to access their self storage facility during daylight hours, but sometimes work and family obligations make that difficult. A good storage facility in North York needs to accommodate unusual schedules and circumstances, allowing for access whenever people need their items. People with self storage units on site should have access inside the perimeter whenever they need. From there, the lot needs to be brightly lit and secure to make sure that everybody is as safe as possible. Any storage facility is only good for you if you can get access to your belongings when you need them and without delay.

Climate Control

The weather in the Toronto and North York area is very unpredictable, even during the summer and winter. Long spells of unseasonable weather and wreak havoc with humidity, which could lead to damage to paper, wood, and even metal if items are not stored properly. For that reason, it is absolutely essential that you have a self storage space that offers good climate control.

The features mentioned above are more than just perks — they are essential if you want to make sure you are storing your items at a high quality facility. Yorkdale Self Storage offers all of the features above and more. If you are in the area and need to make sure that your property is stored securely while also allowing you around the clock access and enough protections to keep even sensitive electronic equipment from getting damaged, this is the storage facility for you.