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Unit, Sizes and Prices

Some self storage facilities in North York, Toronto offer a take it or leave it solution for their customers. There is little to choose from in terms of square footage and other features other than a basic self storage unit. At Yorkdale, we take a different approach.

Yorkdale Self Storage offers self-storage units in Toronto that are designed to fit any need. Instead of taking a one size fits all approach to storage units, we make sure that customers in the North York area are well taken care of with commercial storage units, car storage units, and much more. This gives you a chance to choose the public storage unit that you need without having to compromise.

Choosing Your Storage Unit

When you start looking for self-storage units, you should first consider what sort of items you need to store. Will they get damaged in high humidity? What level of security do you need for them? You can then look for a storage unit in North York that meets your needs. This probably includes a storage unit with around-the-clock surveillance and good security. Public storage units that offer climate control are also a must. Yorkdale Self Storage is a self-storage company that provides these options and more for storage units in Toronto.

No matter what you keep in your self-storage units, you will have plenty of options at our self-storage facility. We offer self-storage units for every need, not just one.

Spend some time taking a look at what we offer in the way of public storage units. You'll notice that some of our units are ideal for general storage purposes. If the items you wish to store do not require any type of special features, we have commercial storage units that work just fine.

For customers who need something with temperature control, we offer a wide range of storage units that provide the ideal setting. Our storage units can be used to store furniture that requires a steady temperature in order to avoid warping and other damage.

Whether you need a basic storage facility or car storage facilities that will accommodate vehicles of any size, take the time to look over our list of different units. There's sure to be one that's the right dimensions and comes with the features you desire.