Truck Rentals

We have affiliated ourselves with U-Haul Co. of Canada in order to provide our customers with do-it-yourself moving.

When you need to move your belongings to a Toronto self-storage company, being able to rent a truck can be very helpful. Yorkdale Self Storage has partnered with U-Haul of Canada for all your Toronto storage needs. This is a great way to get your belongings to self-storage facilities for short- or long-term storage. The ability to rent a truck can streamline other self-storage services as well.

Truck Rental Benefits

Renting a truck from a self-storage company streamlines the process of self-storage in Toronto. Since you don't have to rely on multiple companies, you can return the truck to the same self-storage company where you place your belongings. This also means that the company providing commercial storage in North York can match the size of the truck with the unit used for the self-storage service.

If you use a service for public storage in North York, it helps to also rent a truck from that company. Storage in North York and storage in the Toronto area becomes much easier if you can find one company to provide all the services you need.

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