Security Policies

Yorkdale Self Storage offers the latest in self storage security and is second to none in protecting your privacy.

Security Features:

  • 24 hour video surveillance system
  • Electronic gate with personal pinpad access code and fully fenced perimeter
  • Mandatory disc lock on each unit helps to ensure everyone's security. (See "Boxes and Supplies" page for pricing)
  • Well light aisles throughout the property
  • Computer program that allows us to see who is on the property and for how long (COMING SOON)!!!

Security Policies:

  • Mandatory use of a disc style lock to ensure maximum security. This hasp hugging lock impedes the ability to use bolt cutters to remove it.
  • Privacy Policy: We will not give out security codes or unit numbers over the phone to any customer. Photo ID is required to obtain this information. Also, we do not share personal information and contact information (such as email address or phone number) with any outside parties.
  • It is mandatory to have photo ID at the time of your rental.
  • For all vehicle storage: It is mandatory to have the vehicle ownership and proof of insurance in the renter's name in order to store a vehicle with us.