Our Facility

Yorkdale Self Storage was built in 2006, officially opening in October 2006. It is a state of the art facility, using all of the latest technology available to the self storage industry. Whether you need self-storage facilities or car storage, we offer a state of the art facility that can meet ever need. When it comes to self-storage in Toronto or North York, you can get essentials such as security and climate control through Yorkdale Self Storage.

Security Measures

Our self-storage services include a fully-fenced perimeter with strategically placed security cameras to maximize security. Each public storage facility is individually alarmed to discourage thieves and let you know if your self-storage facility gets compromised. This makes our self-storage company ideal for car self-storage as well. Car storage facilities need to do all they can to prevent potential break-ins. In this regard, Yorkdale Self Storage provides some of the best self-storage in North York.

Climate Control

Superb climate control is one of the other key self-storage services that you should look for when seeking out storage in North York. Some equipment requires low humidity, while other possessions don't need that level of climate control. Our storage units offer both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled options. Considering the range of temperatures that hits Toronto throughout the year, this is absolutely essential for high-quality Toronto self-storage.

Whether you need commercial storage in North York or are looking for a storage facility for personal use, Yorkdale Self Storage is here to help. We offer the best experience for self-storage in North York that you can possibly have.