When preparing for self-storage in Toronto, the right boxes can make a huge difference. Yorkdale Self Storage provides boxes and packing supplies for storage in North York. We also provide auto storage in North York, offering useful car storage facilities for your vehicles. Whether you need residential or commercial storage in North York, you can rely on us for your needs.

Packing Essentials

When packing for self-storage facilities, you should do your best to make sure your items fit snugly in their boxes. This makes it easier to maximize space in public storage units. If you are using car storage in Toronto, a good packing job can allow you to keep more items in the Toronto storage unit. Unlike many auto self-storage companies, Yorkdale Self Storage offers both car storage in North York and commercial storage units along with all the packing materials a self-storage company can provide.

For auto, residential, or commercial storage in Toronto, you can get everything you need from our self-storage services. We are a self-storage company that offers units and packing supplies for storage in Toronto. This offers great versatility for all your Toronto self-storage needs.

Space Saver Wardrobe  

Wardrobe Box.

Large Mirror Box  

Large Mirror box: sold in 2 pieces.

1.5 cu.ft.  

Small Box: 1.5 Cubic feet. 

2 cu.ft.  

Medium Box: 2 Cubic feet.

4 cu.ft.  

Large Box: 4 Cubic feet.

Boxes (5)